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Unique opportunity for Pakistani Business


The ‘Eurasian Economic Union’ (EAEU), ‘Shanghai Cooperation Organization’ (SOC), BRICS, ASEAN, and “Eurasian Business Union” (EABU), in collaboration with the Moscow Government formed an ‘INTERNATIONAL TRADING HOUSE’, in “FOOD CITY”- Moscow. (The “FOOD CITY” (www.food.city.ru) occupying 12,000 sq. meters the largest wholesale food distribution center in Europe. The “FOOD CITY” - meets all success components: logistics transport, merchandising, navigation and located between two major highways, (Kievskoe and Kalujskoe) that makes it more comfortable in terms of international trade.

The ‘Eurasian Business Union’ EABU, opening doors to join the ITH, a unique project under the shelter of ‘Food City’ for the businessmen from South, South East Asian, Pacific Region, CIS and Custom Union Countries ( Belorussia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Armenia). The 100 pavilions (Business Coordinating Centers) of 100 sq. meters each have been allotted for 100 countries businessmen particularly, from member countries.

The ‘Trade Coord-n International ltd’ (LLC ‘TCI’), Moscow took an initiative to join this project as an ‘Operator’ on behalf of Pakistan in coordination with the “Russian Business Council for cooperation with Pakistan” (Chamber of Commerce & Industry RF), and signed an agreement with the administration of EABU hiring a pavilion of 100 sq. meters for ‘Pakistani Business Centre’. Taking into account that this is a unique opportunity to boost the trade between Russian Federation and Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The ‘ITH’ Moscow inaugurated in the beginning of November 2016, by opening the ‘Business Centers’ of Armenian, Kirgizia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan and Vietnam. On December 2, 2016, Iran and 10 Russian regions opened their ‘Business Centers’. According to the Managing Director of ‘EABU’ Kuznetsova B. Pitrovna, by the end of March 2017, all 100 countries will be running their ‘Trade Centers’. The Pakistani ‘Pavilion’ (Business Centre) is scheduled to be inaugurated on 10th February, 2017.

The ‘ITH’ Moscow advantages: At one place the 100 counties will have their trade representative offices (Business centers) and all kinds of food producers (tin food & fruits, juices, national dishes, fresh fruits and vegetables, dry fruits, rice, tea, sugar, grain, spices, meat, fish etc.), will be dealing each other sitting on one floor.

Desirable effects:

An Introduction of products to the maximum number of customers with minimal costs on promotion b) Competitive price proposals due to the large chain of buyers/sellers c) The trade expansion by expanding contacts throughout member countries.

Importance of ITH:

  • Unique project concept – permanent trade round the year under the one roof.
  • Permanent exhibition, presentation, demonstration of products.
  • Trade information about countries’ potential & facilitation for integration.
  • Promoting of business on your instructions and company’s policy.

INFORMATION: The LLC ‘TCI’ rented 100 sq. meters for opening first ‘Pakistani Business Centre’ in Russia. In this Business Centre’ 15-20 companies of different profile can be accommodated to run their business. Any company wishing to join this center can do it by paying 500$ per month and 100$ as an entry fee (paid once) with minimum one month advance 500$ (Total amount first time to be paid 1100$). To start work at ‘PBC’, company needs their product samples, catalogue, presentation and advertising materials. If any company wants to send their representatives, we are ready to do need full to arrange everything required at their cost.

IMPORTANT: The ‘TCI’ introduces for participation of Pakistani businessmen a conational package includes: a) An office place in the ‘PBC’ with furniture and all necessaries of the office, computer, stationaries and telephone connection. b) Secretary-translator for general working in the office and coordination. c) A full page A4 size advertisement in the catalogue of ITH. d) Pick up and drop facility from Airport and back for the company’s representatives joining the ‘PBC.

The ‘TCI’ is taking responsibility to run the first ‘Pakistani Business Center’, coordinate and take care of all the organizational matters. Any Pakistani company decided to start business at ‘PBC’ Moscow can send their request on their company’s letterhead with 1100$ before 31st January, 2017. NOTE: All the trading at ‘ITH’ will be on L/C or advance payment basis with a direct dealing from company to company, no mediator will be involved. On the maturity of the deal the company will be remitting 1 % of the contract value into the account of ‘TCI’ for coordination, assistance and fulfillment of the company’s task.

Coordinator- Operator,
Pakistani Business Centre’
At “Food City” Moscow
Tel:+7-906-7298036, +
E-mail: tci2014@mail.ru,
Moscow -Russian Federation



Our Services


    These services are designed to provide clients with the latest Russian markets insights, their structures, terms of operation, players, competitors, etc. Our experienced team of market researchers, experts in data analysis, strategic planning team is ready to support customers at every stage of investigating new for them markets in the Russian Federation. Our market evaluation reports can help clients to identify sales opportunities in Russia through analysis of exciting players in the market, potential for Pakistani product marketing, existence of trade barriers, etc. Within the set of these services, we offer a wide range of business information – in English and Russian languages - a) ready-made or customer requested marketing reports, b) commodity price comparison reviews, c) custom, tax, credit, financial and other surveys, d) various commercial databases, e) lists of suppliers, importers, exporters, etc.


    The main aim of our business connect services is assistance in finding potential business partners to meet the needs of Pakistani and Russian companies, connect them with a number of reliable distributors and clients or a prime business partners in the Russian Federation and Pakistan correspondingly. Our experts can provide various services in this area for interested companies from the both countries. The list of the actions offered could include wide range of possible services: a) initial identifying trade partners and prospective buyers, distribution of various commercial offers, requests, other business information among potential exporters, importers, partners; b) dissemination of information on Russian and Pakistani companies on their intention to establish business relations with the other country partners; c) organize and encouraging to participate in various business missions, exhibitions, seminars, conferences; d) facilitating business meetings, arranging for initial negotiations between potential partners for our clients from Pakistan and Russia, etc.


    The set of these services is aimed at assisting our Pakistani clients to try the new market in Russia, to give a chance for interested companies of doing business in this country, to launch business relationship with new partners here, at the same time with minimal risk and optimal costs of presence in Russian markets. The client could choose the required services from their wide range: a) virtual and off-line business address in Moscow, Russia; b) consignee address for client samples, advertising and promotion materials; c) personal assistance during business visits of the client’s representative – arranging for them meetings, hotels accomodation, transfers etc.; d) arranging the office space for conducting negotiations, presentations and other meetings; e) written translation and interpreting services; f) direct business invitation and other administrative procedures for visa support, etc.


    Business support services are oriented for those Pakistani businessmen, who have already succeeded doing business in Russia and may require professional local partner. Expert legal advice for accounting, tax and audit, and consultation for further development of their business activities, with a high rank of reliability and minimum risks. Our commercial expertise and operational know-how allows us to offer necessary support for our clients’ business operations. The services include: a) legal and fiscal registration in profile Russian bodies; b) administrative and legal procedures to set up an office for representation or a subsidiary; c) various recruitment and employee outsourcing, including management's operating activities; d) administrative procedures for visas support and work permits; e) business and technical translations and interpreting; f) assistance in transportation and accommodation; g) custom clearence and products certification; h) logistics, freight forwarding, ware-housing and storage facilities in Moscow, other cities of Russia and CIS countries.

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